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Cabana Pigeon Services is a family owned and operated business specializing in the industry of pigeon exclusion, prevention, and remediation services, servicing much of the Phoenix Metro area and Valley. We use Bird-Ex and Bird Products R Us materials, that we know will do the job and are backed by great product warranties! For any other pest control needs (insects) we highly recommend another small local business San Tan Pest & Weeds, Ryan Willmes - Owner/President of Operations Management Team

(480) 269-2185

Preventative pigeon control remediation methods we offer include: blocking roof eave-alcove areas on your home with uv coated protected steel screening, stainless steel spiking, poly propylene pigeon slides, and flex bird shock tracts ( used for /on, beams, and window ledges roof lines and any common perching areas) for discrete non visible roosting prevention. These methods have had effective results in our 20 plus years of experience, in our unique field. All of the products mentioned above can even be paint matched for discrete and aesthetic purposes.

WE DO RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL across the great Metro Valley, East to West! (After 45 miles a trip fee is required for all evaluations*)

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