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Our Story

Spouse, husband, and sons—working together as a family team! Alfredo Cabana, and Rochelle Cabana, felt there was a strong need for honest, reliable, and affordable, pigeon exclusion-abatement services. After 35 long years, Rochelle's grandfather retired and sold his pigeon removal-trapping business they both worked at for several years. With accumulated knowledge Alfredo and Rochelle decided to start their own family business in an industry they both knew well! True pioneers in this specialized field, dating back to the early 80's of  passed down knowledge to 4 generations, helped us refine pigeon remediation services, and succeed where many have failed. With all that experience it truly made us know we could be successful in helping many families and businesses across the Valley with their pigeon issues and needs! 

Offering a full spectrum of services and approaches, there isn't a pigeon problem TOO BIG oR too small, that we can't help resolve! We are 100% humane, insured, and highly recommended across the valley. We always guarantee our excellent workmanship followed by our amazing customer service and warranties. All potential perspective clients we meet are always treated with respect and honesty, that's our policy! Whether you talk to Alfredo (owner), his wife Rochelle, or our sons Davan, and Andrés, you will feel like part of the family! We don't compete, we set standards!

An Idea is Born

Why Us?

When it comes to pigeon remediation, it takes experience, knowledge, and the right methods to get the job done right! We do not use gimmicks, poisons, or harmful products that can damage your home or business! Having an all around system of proper exclusion, clean up, and preventative methods installed, have proven its self to be the best and most effective method in immediate pigeon remediation and relief. Pigeon waste removal /disposal and disinfecting is an  extremely important aspect to us as pigeons carry many diseases that can harm you, your children, and your pets! It's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it--and right! With Cabana Pigeon Services, you'll always be treated with respect and honesty. Caring is our business!

Alfredo joined Rochelle's small family's business in the same industry around 2006, the first pigeon trappers in the Phoenix area as well as the state. Over 25 years of hard work and determination, the small family business came to an end and we went our separate ways. The couple decided to venture off and start their own company, that offers a wide scale of known methods, for the best pigeon control and remediation services in the state! That is the beginning of Cabana Pigeon Services, a REAL FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED BUSINESS! 

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