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Trap Sales

Our traps are always custom built and ready to be purchased for flock reduction. We set you up with the how to, and supply the grain for an at home removal-reduction. Ask us about the cost if interested in purchasing a custom built trap. Patent Pending*


Screening and Barricades

Galvanized Steel UV Coat Screening

Barricades are an excellent way to help keep those pesky pigeons out of roof eaves, and many other open areas on your homes' roof or business. This will help prevent nesting and damages to your roof/ property, caused by their acidic droppings. With no place to nest and keep them safe this makes your home less inhabitable to them! This product has a 25 year warranty with 3 year Installation included. We offer paint matching to all barricades also used for smaller birds and vents*



Stainless Steel, Bird-Ex Product & BPRUS

Stainless Steel Spikes are a great way to prevent the pigeons from roosting on / in specific areas such as pillars, ledges, wood beams etc. We offer 1 year Installation warranty backed by a 5 year Product warranty from Bird-Ex! Other roosting products available* Paint Matching Available* 


Bird-Ex & BPRUS products

We use two different knotted cloth forms of netting from Bird-Ex. Both are excellent for extremely large areas that need blocking such as, Parking garages, Balconies, Para Pits, Courtyards etc. This product comes with a 5 year Bird-Ex warranty and our 1 year labor installation warranty.


Pressure Washing

Disinfecting waste removal and disposal, our method. Pigeons specifically, and many other bird species are known to attracts insects, as well as, carry many harmful diseases. They can spread these through their dropping or if in direct contact with the birds. These known diseases and illness such as, ring worms, mites, bird flu, Histoplasmosis, Candidiasis, Chlamydiosis, Salmonella, and can even spread parvo if they come into contact with other sick animals. We use a non harmful pet, human, environmentally, safe solution during all cleaning for your protection and ours! We remove their mess so you don't have to!

Solar Care and Screening

Optimize your solar power intake!

Do you ever feel like these pigeons are living rent free on your home or business? Hear cooing and scratching at all hours of the day or night? Lets face it not everyone has ladders or the ability to protect your most important investment!. Give us a call and we'll evict those pigeons and increase your solar power! Also offering quarterly, bi year, and yearly pressure washing cleaning*

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